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SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review

SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review Table of Contents: 1) SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review – Buying Decision 2)┬áSONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review – for Street Photography 3) SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review – for Portrait Photography 4) SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review – for Long Exposure Photography 5) SONY RX100… Read more »

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SONY A6300 Review – The Improvements and Disappointments

SONY A6300 Review – This is an initial review of SONY’s new flagship APS-C sensor A6300 Mirrorless Interchangable Lens Digital Camera SONY A6300 Review – On February 3, 2016, SONY officially announced the latest version of its flagship APS-C sensor mirrorless camera, the SONY A6300. This camera is the successor to the A6000 which was… Read more »

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Huawei Nexus 6P RAW Photo Test – Edited in Snapseed

This is a comparison of two photos taken on a Huawei Nexus 6P. One is a jpg straight out of the camera, and one was developed from a RAW file using the mobile app Snapseed. Since Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android phone cameras can take photos in RAW format. On the Nexus 6P, the default Google… Read more »

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Finally I understand what Snapchat’s color icons mean

Snapchat got a bit easier to understand after I read this article at Techinsider. I knew there was some meaning behind all the triangles and squares in my friend’s list, but now I finally “get” when someone has seen a snap and whether it has audio or not. Snapchat has a description of it’s sent,… Read more »

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Jetman Dubai Video

Two “Jetmen” wearing individual jet packs using carbon-fiber wings for flight appear flying with an EMIRATES A380 airliner in this promotional video. I presume this is marketing to get more funding for the Jetman project and exposure for Emirates. Looks like an extremely expensive, but effective marketing project and aerial stunt.