Light Trails – Long Exposure Photography in Umeda, Osaka

I asked for some advice in taking long exposure photos of light trails in the Kansai Photographers Meetup Group, and the advice I got was to visit a bridge or overpass. The first place I thought of was the very large overpass in between the train stations JR, Hanshin and Hankyu in Umeda, Osaka.

JR Osaka with Yodobashi Camera to the right


I read that the best time to take photos of light trails is in the evening before it gets dark, so I set off early in the evening.

Osaka Hustle – the most ignored walk signal in Japan


I decided to take my newly bought Velbon tripod out on this light trails, long exposure photography mission.

You’re waiting for a bus


JR Osaka with Pedestrian Hustle


A bit overexposed


Looking to the East


Google Photos Assistant Effects


Light Cycles in Umeda


Light Trails looking to the West


Light Trails in Umeda – Portrait


Light Trails in Umeda with a Bus


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