Wine Tasting at Mount Majura Vineyard in Canberra

Mount Majura Vineyard is a great place for wine tasting located in Canberra, ACT, Australia. It’s easily accessible by car and I really like their “Wine Placemats” for tasting white and red wines. You can see the red wine placemat below.

Mount Majura Wine Tasting DSC09477-HDR

Entrance to the Winery

Mount Majura Wine Tasting DSC09489

The white wine placemat

With a cool climate like Melbourne, Canberra wineries are famous for good Riesling white wines. Mount Majura’s Riesling certainly didn’t disappoint. The chardonnay was very good too.

Mount Majura Wine Tasting DSC09469

Red wines – Shiraz/Syrah was a winner

Here are the red wines laid out on the red wine placemat. I was very impressed by the Shiraz which was particularly elegant and smooth compared to others I’ve tried.

Mount Majura Wine Tasting DSC09474-HDR

The main wine tasting counter

Mount Majura Wine Tasting DSC09480-HDR

HDR shot of the view outside

This is a HDR shot I took outside with my SONY RX100M3 looking at the vineyard.

Mount Majura Wine Tasting DSC09488-HDR

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