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Namtastic Images, Video and Photography List of Posts: Digital Asset Management Google Photos (coming soon) Photography Gear SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review SONY A6300 Review – The Improvements and Disappointments Photography Styles Travel Photography The 5th Kyoto Photowalk with Daijyoubu! Photography Street Photography Street Photography in Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan Nakanoshima Rose Garden, Osaka Japan… Read more »

Craft Coffee Stand Osaka Umeda

Craft Coffee Stand E-MA Buidling, Osaka Umeda I noticed a new coffee stand opened in the E-MA building in Umeda, Osaka, so I had to check it out. My review is as follows: Not bad for a very small coffee stand. Only one variety of coffee beans available. Reasonable price. Seating available in the Loftman… Read more »

UCC Coffee Museum – Kobe, Japan

UCC Coffee Museum Learn the History of Coffee with Tasting included I heard about the UCC Coffee Museum through a blog post. It sounded like a good hands-on opportunity to further my knowledge in coffee production and tasting. I presumed there would be a cafe there too, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality… Read more »

Brooklyn Roasting Company – Namba

Brooklyn Roasting Company – Namba Brooklyn comes to Minami On a visit to Brooklyn Roasting Company in Kitahama, I noticed a blackboard at the front of the store advertising a new shop, Brooklyn Roasting Company – Namba. I thought it would be exciting to check out a new branch, so I set out during the… Read more »

Namtastic Gourmet and Cafes

Namtastic Gourmet and Cafes Recommended Cafes in Kansai Brooklyn Roasting Company Series Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama Brooklyn Roasting Company Expo City (Suita) South Swell (Hommachi) Brooklyn Roasting Company Namba Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters (Higobashi) UCC Coffee Museum – (Kobe) Northshore Cafe and Dining (Kitahama) PompomPurin Cafe Osaka (Umeda Hankyu) Mondial Kaffee 328 Mondial Kaffee 328… Read more »

Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters

Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters Cafe If you’re looking for a very spacious, quiet cafe with excellent quality coffee and you’re not concerned about walking 10 minutes from the nearest subway station, Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters is a top recommendation. You can find Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters located in Nishi-ku Osaka, to the… Read more »

Cherry Blossoms in Osaka

Cherry Blossoms at Osaka Castle It’s that time of the year again in Japan. Locals turn out in droves to enjoy Hanami – picnics under the cherry blossoms. This year I headed to the grounds of Osaka Castle with the Kansai Photographer’s Meetup group. I also met up with some friends for a Wine Picnic… Read more »

Light Trails – Long Exposure Photography in Osaka

Light Trails – Long Exposure Photography in Umeda, Osaka I asked for some advice in taking long exposure photos of light trails in the Kansai Photographers Meetup Group, and the advice I got was to visit a bridge or overpass. The first place I thought of was the very large overpass in between the train… Read more »

tunes for tohoku

Tunes For Tohoku @ Avalon Pub

Tunes For Tohoku Live Acoustic Performance @ Avalon Pub – Huawei Nexus 6P vs SONY RX100 M3 Tunes For Tohoku is an awesome band raising money for orphans in the Tohoku Region of Japan that was devastated after the earthquake on March 11, 2011. All of their profits go to charities to help the orphans. I had… Read more »

SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review

SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review Table of Contents: 1) SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review – Buying Decision 2) SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review – for Street Photography 3) SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review – for Portrait Photography 4) SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review – for Long Exposure Photography 5) SONY RX100… Read more »

  • Northshore Cafe and Dining, ノースショア where the Eggsluts and Sprout Sandwiches don’t disappoint

    Northshore Cafe and Dining, ノースショア where the Eggsluts and Sprout Sandwiches don’t disappoint Northshore is a cafe in Kitahama not far from Brooklyn Roasting Company and also situated overlooking the river. I’ve complained about McDonald’s breakfast ending at 10:30am, but Northshore takes this up another notch. Their economical “Gu-do Morning Set” is only available until… Read more »

  • Shioya Umeda 潮屋梅田店 – Birthplace of Croquette Buckwheat Noodles コロッケ蕎麦の発祥

    Shioya Umeda is a stand up Udon/Soba restaurant known to be the birthplace of “Korokke Soba” or a Croquette in buckwheat noodles. You can find Shioya in the underground maze of restaurants near Hankyu Umeda. At the bottom of the escalator from Hankyu look for McDonalds, then enter the underground maze. This place is standing… Read more »

  • Jetman Dubai Video

    Two “Jetmen” wearing individual jet packs using carbon-fiber wings for flight appear flying with an EMIRATES A380 airliner in this promotional video. I presume this is marketing to get more funding for the Jetman project and exposure for Emirates. Looks like an extremely expensive, but effective marketing project and aerial stunt.

  • Rawtherapee Film Simulations

    Rawtherapee, an open source alternative to Adobe Lightroom/CameraRaw has become my first preference for image editing. It has everything from simple to very advanced enhancements and unlike Lightroom it doesn’t require a computer with a lot of memory and processing power to run. It’s also completely free, unlike Adobe’s alternatives that require a monthly subscription…. Read more »

  • Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama ブルックリン ロースティング カンパニー 北浜店

    Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama ブルックリン ロースティング カンパニー 北浜店 The Brooklyn Roasting Company is a trendy cafe in Kitahama, Osaka. You can access Kitahama from Yodoyabashi station on the Mido-suji subway line, or it’s a leisurely 20minute walk from Osaka Umeda. The layout is nice. There’s an embedded flower shop to the right as you walk… Read more »

  • Site Update – Disqus Comments installed

    Installed Disqus comments today. Wasn’t as easy as expected, had to make a moderation page/community whatever that is. Still don’t know how to use it, but it’s all trial and error.

  • Riding the Third Coffee Wave

    Fact or Marketing Fiction, I’m riding it There have been 3 so-called “waves” or movements in coffee. The first was the mass production of coffee and it’s exponential growth as a commodity in the 18 and 1900s. The second wave was experienced as a result of the growth of chain stores in the US such… Read more »

  • Hakata Ikkousha Ramen – Fukuoka, Japan

  • Binge watch your favorite TV shows with Google Play Movies & TV app

    An update to look forward to. PCWorld: Google Play Movies & TV app now helps you binge watch your favorite shows.

  • Toei Studio Park Kyoto “4D” Projection Mapping

    Toei Studio Park Kyoto (Uzumasa Eigamura) – 4D Projection Mapping This projection mapping at Kyoto Eigamura was limited to the summer night opening. It’s called 4D because smoke etc is used on the audience. I really liked the use of the nearby tree as a dragon and the real life actor. Very impressive performance. 東映太秦映画村ナイターまつり… Read more »