Wearable Tech: FORM AR Smart Swim Goggles Review

The latest in Wearable Tech is a pair of Swim Goggles with a Smart Augmented Reality (AR) Display. Vancouver based startup company FORM launched the goggles worldwide on August 7, 2019. As a swim enthusiast my first reaction was “Shut up and take my money!” I couldn’t resist ordering immediately and the goggles arrived promptly… Read more »

Cambodia HDR Photo Series

Recently I’ve been posting a series of photos from Cambodia on social media. The design theme for this series is bright, High Dynamic Range images. I’m aiming for the colours to really pop. Some of the places featured include: Angkor Wat Angkor Thom Ta Phrom Beng Melea Ton lesap I visited Cambodia in 2016 and… Read more »

Japanese study: Slurping Ramen makes it taste 4 times better

Do you slurp your Ramen noodles? If not, you might be missing out. Studies in Japan say that slurping your Ramen can make it taste 4 times better.

Namtastic Images, Video and Photography

Namtastic Images, Video and Photography List of Posts: Digital Asset Management Google Photos (coming soon) Photography Gear SONY RX100 M3 Digital Camera Review SONY A6300 Review – The Improvements and Disappointments Photography Styles Travel Photography The 5th Kyoto Photowalk with Daijyoubu! Photography Street Photography Street Photography in Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan Nakanoshima Rose Garden, Osaka Japan… Read more »

Craft Coffee Stand Osaka Umeda

Craft Coffee Stand E-MA Building, Osaka Umeda I noticed a new coffee stand opened in the E-MA building in Umeda, Osaka, so I had to check it out. My review is as follows: Not bad for a very small coffee stand. Only one variety of coffee beans available. Reasonable price. Seating available in the Loftman… Read more »

Dark Magician Girl Cosplay

Nippombashi Street Festa Cosplay Event 2017

Nippombashi Street Festa Cosplay Event 2017 One of Japan’s largest Cosplay events The Nippombashi Street Festa is one of the biggest cosplay events in Japan. It’s an excellent opportunity for portrait and street photography. I decided to join the Kansai Photographers Meetup Group for a portrait and street photography mission at Nippombashi Street Festa 2017… Read more »

UCC Coffee Museum – Kobe, Japan

UCC Coffee Museum Learn the History of Coffee with Tasting included I heard about the UCC Coffee Museum through a blog post. It sounded like a good hands-on opportunity to further my knowledge in coffee production and tasting. I presumed there would be a cafe there too, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality… Read more »

Brooklyn Roasting Company – Namba

Brooklyn Roasting Company – Namba Brooklyn comes to Minami On a visit to Brooklyn Roasting Company in Kitahama, I noticed a blackboard at the front of the store advertising a new shop, Brooklyn Roasting Company – Namba. I thought it would be exciting to check out a new branch, so I set out during the… Read more »

Namtastic Gourmet and Cafes

Namtastic Gourmet and Cafes In addition to Namtastic’s Top5 Specialty Coffee Cafes in Osaka, here you can find an introduction to cafes, coffee and gourmet culture in Japan. Namtastic’s Top5 Specialty Coffee Cafes in Osaka Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters (Higobashi) Brooklyn Roasting Company Brooklyn Roasting Company Kitahama South Swell (Hommachi) Brooklyn Roasting Company Namba… Read more »

Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters

Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters Cafe If you’re looking for a very spacious, quiet cafe with excellent quality coffee and you’re not concerned about walking 10 minutes from the nearest subway station, Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters is a top recommendation. You can find Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters located in Nishi-ku Osaka, to the… Read more »

  • Riding the Third Coffee Wave

    Fact or Marketing Fiction, I’m riding it There have been 3 so-called “waves” or movements in coffee. The first was the mass production of coffee and it’s exponential growth as a commodity in the 18 and 1900s. The second wave was experienced as a result of the growth of chain stores in the US such… Read more »

  • Hakata Ikkousha Ramen – Fukuoka, Japan

  • Binge watch your favorite TV shows with Google Play Movies & TV app

    An update to look forward to. PCWorld: Google Play Movies & TV app now helps you binge watch your favorite shows. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwpfKK1SY

  • Toei Studio Park Kyoto “4D” Projection Mapping

    Toei Studio Park Kyoto (Uzumasa Eigamura) – 4D Projection Mapping This projection mapping at Kyoto Eigamura was limited to the summer night opening. It’s called 4D because smoke etc is used on the audience. I really liked the use of the nearby tree as a dragon and the real life actor. Very impressive performance. 東映太秦映画村ナイターまつり… Read more »

  • Pull Up Challenge on Coach.me

    Started a Pull up challenge on Coach.me, a great productivity based app and community. Pull ups are very challenging for me, I can barely do 2. I’m aiming to be able to do 10 after this challenge. This is the video that accompanied the challenge. The preliminary exercises all look excellent. In particular I was… Read more »

  • Gram Premium Pancakes (グラム)プレミアムパンケーキ

      This was my first attempt at a slow motion video. My my camera is a SONY RX100M3 and I took this video at 120 frames per second using the XAVC S codec. I had it on manual video mode and set my shutter speed to 240/sec, aperture at F1.8 and ISO on AUTO, manual… Read more »

  • Kyoto Kamogawa River HDR

    Kyoto’s Kamogawa river in early autumn.